Domenico Rondo
is one of the greatest treasure hunters on all of Kanaka.

Helen Kroncke
is an agent for OASE, she was charged with helping you break into Umbriol. She is one of the top assassins OASE has.

Jamall Osman
is considered the hero of Osman, his kindness is unmatched, and his cooking is consider the best.

High Commander Ataturk Janius led the Hayphonian Guard for years. He is ruthless and effective.

is the last of the Nahi tribe on Kanaka. There isn’t much history on how his people even came here, but he is human.

Mina Tachibana
has kept a close eye on her father, Majima, ever since you met her.

Malphius Booker
has been trapped by ASH for decades. His power has stayed strong this entire time.

Richard Knife
is one of the security officers for the mountain labs. His skills are unmatched, he is by your side till the end.

The gorgeous Acacia Beaumont has an… Interesting relationship with General Tong.